Headed by Allan Jesus, graduated in football management by the CBF Academy and certified in sports marketing by ESPM, ASJ’s main objective is to help our clients to achieve their goals out of the field. For that, we present techniques and expertise in many areas
related with football, supporting their development.

what we do

ASJ is a company specialized in marketing consulting,
social media and content for professional athletes. Our main goal is to provide our clients
solutions for their personal and professional life. We work side by side with out customers
building an ethic and reliable relationship.

ASJ Sports

Develop with excellence the image and career management creating content and generating high engagement on social media.

ASJ Digital

Strategic planning in social media working with analytics and content creation.

ASJ Entertainment

Creation, development, planning and execution for events meeting the needs of our clients focusing on results and success of the brand.

ASJ Business

Marketing strategy to expand our clients reach in the social media. We focus on the target audience the reach and potentialize the results.


Pablo Castro

(SINCE 2018)

Defender. Currently on Bordeaux (FR). Has played on the Brazil National Team.



(SINCE 2019)

Defender and left-back in Udinese (IT). Also, has played on Brazil National Team.


Alexandre Pato

(SINCE 2020)

São Paulo (BR) striker. Won the FIFA Club World Cup against Barcelona in 2006.



“Helpful, gentle and professional. This is Allan. All the times we worked together I can say it was the best experience. Hope everyone were like him.”

André Plihal
Presenter at ESPN Brasil

“In a competed area, ASJ can give creative and easy solutions that brings results. They fit on the clients profile. Marketing that works because they do something rare: it’s all true.”

Bruno Formiga
Journalist at Esporte Interativo / TNT / SPACE

“Allan is one of the best in this field. He has all the qualities to be a reference in his area. Proactive and helpful, he is always willing to accomplish what others can’t. Either in sports or music, he performed 100% the ideas we had with excellence”

Breno Massena
Esporte Interativo

“Besides being and excellent professional, Allan is an amazing person. He made shows and events with the Gold Produções with excellence for the newspapers O Dia and Meia Hora for some years. He is always innovating to give his clients the best result. Today, beside a professional partner, he is a good friend.”

Thatianna Carvalho
Executive of O DIA and Meia Hora accounts

“Allan is the most helpful guy I know. He is always ready to help and work with our agendas. We
made lots of agendas with Thiago Marreta and, whenever possible, we mixed two things brazilians
love: fight and samba. And the celebration, of course, came as a glass full of beer!”

Marcelo Barone

Allan is a differentiated professional that brings competence and innovation to new businesses.
Whenever we work together, we build successful cases, because he manages everything from start to end with great excellence. Today, in addition to being a business partner, Allan is also a close friend, which I always want to have around.

Renata Meirelles
Black3 – NEW YORK

“ At ASJ I could see other possibilities to explore my image outside the octagon. We launched my YouTube channel and my official site. We produced content looking for other audience without putting aside my MMA fans. Allan show us and easy way to do and the final results are always

Thiago Marreta
MMA Fighter – UFC

“I’m not going talking about Allan’s competence – even tho because of it we turned out friends. I prefer to highlight the loyalty of a solicitous and updated professional worried with his clients achievements. He is a friend I made working and I trust him with my eyes closed. You go, Allan!”

Igor Rodrigues


Pablo Castro had a knee surgery and will start the recovery on Corinthians medical department

The Bordeaux athlete Pablo Castro had a knee surgery on the last thursday (12) in France. He suffered an injury on the left knee during the match against Nice in March 1st against Nice.  The surgery went well and now the player will start his recovery in Corinthians’...